CRM for Sales Department Reporting

CRM for Sales Department Reporting

It is necessary to control the working process by means of the reporting. In total, in reports, it is possible to trace up to 36 major indicators. Surely in the sales department have to be formed:
Daily reports of managers: the plan of payments for tomorrow, the fact of payments for today, the plan of payments for the week.

  • Board on flowing dates
  • Reports on channels of realization
  • Reports on transactions with a certain status
  • Reports on different cuts of a funnel
  • Client’s cost
  • Transaction length
  • Pipeline (the list of transactions in work)
  • Daily reports for control of work of managers
  • Reports on the fact and plans of payments

It is important to understand that on the potential of reporting of different CRM systems for sales department it is possible to judge their quality and flexibility. Just like for such application. Pay attention to whether it is possible to control by means of the software package acquired by you indicators in dynamics. It is necessary to estimate the efficiency of the made decisions on influence on different business processes.

Control of Funnels

The head of the department has to adjust funnels in different cuts:
→ On new clients
→ On the current clients
→ On channels
→ On products
→ On target audience
→ On the region
→ On employees

In funnels it is necessary to analyze:

  • entrance to a funnel
  • results at the exit
  • general conversion
  • conversion between stages
  • funnel length
  • length of each stage of a funnel.

The obtained data giveы the chance to decide where it is necessary to change, modify, improve business process.

Without Customer Relationship Management System for the sales department, it is difficult to develop the company. But also it is senseless to get too difficult Customer Relationship Management System for sales department too if in branch the type of short transactions prevails. In this case, Customer Relationship Management System for the sales department with a possibility of control of funnels can be for you unnecessary luxury. Choose a product which will correspond to real requirements of the business. Such Customer Relationship Management System for sales department has to increase as much as possible efficiency for transactions from the category of immediate. The pent-up demand in this case, most likely, just is absent. And it means that if you don’t sell, then in 5 minutes someone will sell another.

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