Several Aspects To Consider When Buying LED UV Curing Machine

The development trend of UV LED has been overwhelming. More and more manufacturers have put LED UV curing machines into use. This brings the hard question most people deal with on how best to purchase LED UV curing machines. The factors below are the top considerations people should consider when buying a LED UV curing machine.

Chip selection

The light source is best to use imported chips, vacuum inorganic material packaging, light attenuation is smaller, stability will be better. 

Cooling method

The cooling method is best to use water-cooling to dissipate heat. The LED temperature will be low, so the service life of the UV LED will be longer.

UVLED energy

Precise control of UVLED intensity and exposure time enables accurate control of UVLED energy. For the control of exposure time, an advanced UV LED curing machine, built-in computer microprocessor, can set the exposure time and various modes.

Strength of UV LED curing machine

Ideally, the UV intensity of the UV LED curing machine is uniform, and the wavelength range is about 300nm-400nm. Do not choose some so-called UV LED curing machines that have no data at all.


Another critical parameter is the uniformity of the UV distributed over specified locations. Ideally, not all LED UV curing systems emit consistent energy across the entire curing area. Uneven distribution can lead to low adhesive curing quality or even lack of cure. Uniformity is the variation of energy distribution on the specified distance and location. It is measured as a ratio between highest and lowest irradiance values in the area of interest in percentage. To establish process uniformity, end users can adjust the measurement location during measurement and tune the UV curing system accordingly.

UVLED spectrum

At present, due to the development of light curing, many applications have appeared, such as surface curing, visible light curing, etc. There are some UVA, UVB or visible light enhanced bulbs. Advanced UV dryers are equipped with different spectrums without any hardware changes, which can significantly increase the flexibility of research and development.

UVLED curing machine safety and temperature

Advanced UV LED curing machine with lock security, automatically closes the exposure shutter to protect user safety. Other designs, including cutting-edge thermal chip technology and computer microprocessor functions, effectively control temperature rise. This point requires special attention. Traditional mercury lamps do not have a well-controlled light source, which can cause hidden severe dangers of bulb burst.

 UV LED light source stability and reliability

This point is difficult to prove with traditional artisanship, which is generally the accumulation of industrial experience. Typically, laboratories are not equipped with machines, and an unstable light source seriously affects the relevant test progress.

Energy density

Energy density measurement is the collection of the irradiance over a specific time and is expressed in Joules per square centimetre (J/cm2). In a conveyor system, the measurement of energy density is often used as a parameter to determine the UV cure ability. The end-user can adjust the speed of the conveyor to set the correct energy density while the source emits the constant intensity.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a good LED UV light curing machine, the most important thing is to see what industry needs to be used and what characteristics of the product to be cured. Choose a LED UV curing machine according to the product. Do not compare the light source parameters, because, in different fields, different products have additional requirements.

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