How to find the best company name?

You have an idea for a business project. You mature it, mold it and decide to start it. One of the first steps, although not the most important or decisive, is to find the perfect name. Sometimes it can flow the first time, or even be thought before starting the march and other times it requires a good maturation time. Faced with this particular ‘challenge’ there are some tips to find company name that can define your business.

The name must sound good

Be sure to say it out loud many times. Make it easy to pronounce and remember. Think that if you get to carry out advertising campaigns, your brand will be mentioned in videos, on the radio, on television or in conversations between people. You must facilitate your potential clients to find you in any medium and to recommend you among their acquaintances.

When creating a new company one of the first steps is to give it a name, but not just any one, it has to be A GOOD NAME. It will not be definitive to turn it into success or failure, but it will certainly have a decisive influence on the final result.

Along with that ‘ease’, the creative process to find the right name is essential. Especially the fact of giving free rein to the imagination, without hindrance, through different techniques for it. In this process, the collaboration of your partners or even family and friends can always be very interesting and, ultimately, decisive in achieving the desired result.

Think about what you want the name to convey

It is a fundamental part of the global identity of your business and should reflect something important about the team that works in it and what they do. Make sure that by saying your name, you know immediately what the business is about and what it offers to customers. Create a list with all the requirements that your company name must meet. Later, you can compare with the ideas, to see if the name meets most of the requirements.

In this creative process, it should be borne in mind that despite the need to be as short and impactful as possible, the ideal thing is that it be related in some way to the activity that the company is going to carry out. It is true that marrying both criteria is somewhat complex, but it must be attempted at least.

Check what domain and brand are available

To save yourself a hassle, you should check if the names that are occurring are registered as an internet domain. To do this, simply search at any domain registrar, for example, or any other. Make sure you register at least the .com and it is also recommended the domain of your country .in, in India. To save yourself future legal problems, you have to check if the name is registered as a trademark or trade name by another company.

After having found a good handful of mature ideas comes the most difficult: checking the availability of the domain, if there is a company with a similar name, or if that brand is currently registered. This step becomes a tough sieve, as it turns out that many of the options you were shuffling fall after that final check. That is why it is almost mandatory to have multiple options to avoid the ‘gap’.

And last, and not least, you have to de-dramatize. It is true that the name can tell a lot about a company and even help a lot with its promotion and launch. There’s no doubt. But it should also be borne in mind that in history there are countless examples of companies that have gone down in history with brands that, really, are not examples of “good practices”. So the best advice is: work on a good name, but don’t spend too much energy on it. Surely, in the end it is not worth it.

Before you start thinking about names

You must have these points well defined:

– The mission and vision of your company, its definition.

– The catalog of products and services.

– The market you intend to reach.

The great gurus on the subject say that the name of the company has almost the same importance as the products to market. This is because for better or for worse it is the first thing they will see about you and the first thing they will remember. With all this you can get down to business project and brainstorm names. In case you are the only one who is going to launch the project, gather family, friends and colleagues to collect ideas. Reserve a good time with them without haste and launch proposal after proposal, in a brainstorming. Write everything down, even the most absurd ideas: those may be the ones that inspire one of the participants.

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