Top online sites to get Remote Developer Jobs:

Top online sites to get Remote Developer Jobs

It does not matter, if you are looking for full-time or Part Time Remote Developer Jobs, here we have compiled the best sites that offer lots of jobs for you.


The giant of freelance job portals. It was born to do relatively little, in 2009, but it is present in almost 50 countries and is one of the 500 most visited pages in the world according to Alexa.

In recent years, it has bought other companies of the same style as if there were no tomorrow until it reached almost 20 million registered freelance professionals and more than 9 million active job offers. It has been very strong for a long time in America.

They charge a commission for jobs that are closed through the platform. It has some interesting questions such as the selection of local freelancers or the possibility of participating in contests that some companies that want to carry out a project do.

It was also created in 2009, in Berlin. Like Freelancer, it offers detailed professional evaluations, evaluating not only globally but also by the project.

It is also interesting that closed products can be offered to companies, which instead of looking for a professional for something tailored, look for a concrete solution already closed. You can create a portfolio of works and specify your skills through scales grouped into categories.

It offers various rates depending on what they charge you a commission for the work and the amount of the work you can access. If you use the free version you will not be able to access jobs more.


Although the name may not sound familiar to you, the history of this platform goes back a long way. If we call you Elance or oDesk, surely, they are names that sound more familiar to you since they are among the oldest, founded in 2003 and 1999 respectively.

Well, Upwork is the platform that arises from the merger of these two historical independent work portals, in 2013. Located in San Francisco, they have more than 9 million professionals and 4 million registered companies and move 3 million projects a year.

Upwork used to charge a fixed percentage of 10% commission on the jobs you get through the platform. But recently, they just changed it. This percentage now ranges between 5 and 20% depending on the total amount of work, being 5% for jobs of more than $ 10,000 amount. And up to 20% for very small jobs of less than $ 500, we assume than to encourage larger jobs to be done.


This is the world’s best-known micro-job platform. Most of the jobs offered here are to be done in a very short time and with small payments, which normally range between 5 and 25 dollars.

The typical jobs are to make a cartoon, draw a simple logo, record audio, but many people offer Part Time Remote Developer Jobs.

Of course, they are very simple things, like installing a WordPress or making yourself an application for a very specific thing.

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